Queer Vision Film Festival 2024

This year's Queer Vision Film Festival will be screening across two days from Wednesday May 29th (for film screenings) and Thursday May 30th (for screenings, panel discussion and awards ceremony.) To see the categories and which films are featured in them, follow the link here.

Wednesday, 29th May  |  Céadaoin , 29ú Bealtaine

@ Waterford Gallery of Art

Found Poetry

Country of Origin: China

Director: Fan

Runtime: 30 mins

Yuan Yuan joined the astronomy club because of her best friend Chen Chen, and learned that Chen Chen had fallen in love with a senior in the club named Zhong Yiming. At Chenchen's request, Yuanyuan helped her pursue her senior brother, but gradually realized that her feelings for Chenchen were also extraordinary; she helped Chenchen write down a collage poem that she planned to send to her senior brother on his birthday to express her love, but in the process of writing poems, he couldn't help but hide his emotions that could not be expressed verbally. On the birthday of her senior brother, the astronomy club went to a suburban B&B to have a party. Chen Chen expressed her feelings to her senior brother but was rejected. Just when she was belittling herself, Yuanyuan finally could no longer hide the special emotions deep in her heart.


Country of Origin: France

Director: Geoffroy C. Dedenis

Runtime: 26 minutes

Gaspard's car rushes down a road lined by anemic trees. His radio picks up a weird frequency, a broadcast about him. The voice emitted is not that of a radio host, nor an advertising jingle, it rehashes fragments of his life. Gaspard's eyes don't look at anything, they see through things, they project his trajectory like a ruptured slideshow of the stages that have led him up to here : nowhere.


Country of Origin: Ireland

Director: Tania Notaro

Runtime: 14 minutes

Set in 90’s Dublin, two young female DJ’s have their dreams of making it big in London crushed when one of them is diagnosed with HIV.

Emerald City

Country of Origin: USA

Director: Josef Steiff

Runtime: 22 minutes

Two young men cross paths on the back roads of the American Southwest and despite their different backgrounds, find common ground along the Border.

Emerald City is an lgbtqia+ story of two young men: one who has aged out of foster care where he was placed after his parents were deported and the other on his way to join the border patrol. Each isolated in their own way, both seek a sense of community, of belonging, and meet on the back roads of the American Southwest, where they develop a tentative friendship that gradually becomes more.


Country of Origin: Ireland

Director: Lukasz Simon

Runtime: 9 minutes

Created as part of the Irish Queer Archive's 2024 exhibition "50 Years of Pride and Protest: the Irish LGBTQ+ Movement", Caoimhghín Ó hEoghusa's film 'Normáilte' explores the experience of growing up queer, and links it to the growth of the LGBTQ+ movement in Ireland over the last 50 years.


Country of Origin: Spain

Director: Cristian Sitjas

Runtime: 14 minutes

Marc, after receiving several racist and feather-phobic comments from a gay dating app, receives a message from his transexual friend Cacao inviting him to a Ballroom. Marc decides to go, there he is surprised by the freedom and diversity of the environment. Upon reaching the local bar, she exchanges glances with Leo, an attractive boy. After seeing her friend walk, the two have an intimate conversation where Cacao encourages Marc to walk that night. Once the Catboy Sex Siren category arrives, Leo goes for a walk while Marc watches the situation with a mixture of desire and doubt.

Thursday, 30th May | Déardaoin, 30ú Bealtaine

@ Bank Lane

Pregnant with a Drag Queen

Country of Origin: Ireland

Director: Colin Brady

Runtime: 22 mins

Pregnant with a Drag Queen tells the story of how a queer kid in 1990s Dublin discovers their true identity and inner strength when they give birth to Veda, a vibrant drag queen icon. Through laughter and self-discovery, their inspirational journey shows how drag doesn't change who you are, it reveals who you are.

Boy Meets Boy

Country of Origin: Canada

Director: Jonathan MacPherson

Runtime: 10 mins

Honest, true and raw. Vincent is searching for love in his isolated perfect life. He turns to online dating sites to meet the One! Steven catches his attention. Mystery and anxiousness builds a mood of desperation that transforms to chaos, curiosity and anticipation. A battle between perfection and passion; nervous romance leads to passion triumphing... or does it? Suspense builds as the battle takes place. Victory is in your perception.

Skin to Skin Talks

Country of Origin: Ireland

Director: Pradeep Mahadeshwar

Runtime: 12 minutes

"The dark skin alien landed in the unknown, unfamiliar and unique landscape from the infinite darkness. He sought stable fertile ground like a dandelion seed floating in the air.

The alien tries to make sense of the new realities of this "New" land. He meets the native species; they look different from him. They don't accept him as he looks different and has no references to his kind of aliens. Walking through the unknown landscape, lonely in search of a kiss, he tries many ways to be one of them. Rejected and disowned, he immerses himself in the cold river of isolation to heal the wounds of exclusion all over his skin.

Tired of trying to feel belonged, the alien lay on a white bedsheet in his room, eyes closed. He remembers the warm spring breeze and flowers from his native land. In the dream, he sees the spring flowers bloom all over the body. The alien falls asleep and dreams of becoming fertile soil.

In his dream, the alien finds solace in the dark underground. He dances to worship the goddess of self-realization. The goddess has a rule; one can not feel self-realization unless one kisses someone, alive or dead, on the dancefloor. No one kisses him; he finds a dead fish on the dancefloor. He makes love with the dead fish. As soon as he kisses the dead fish, he realizes his self-identity and becomes more potent than his unfulfilled desire and loneliness. The alien stares and smiles at the infinity of powerful darkness; nothing can make me lonely anymore.

Now the alien has transformed himself into a powerful goddess of self-realization."

But the voiceover tells an entirely different story to us. In a constant quest of "preferring" and "rejecting" people based on their appearance, we may completely alienate ourselves from the real people around us. Now it's up to us to make sense of what we see on the screen and what we are listening to.

This film was shot in various exciting locations around Dublin Mountain, Dodder River near Milltown, my home and the iconic LGBTQ+ party venue Mother Club. I edited and post production of it during my residency at IMMA.


Country of Origin: Ireland

Director: Cúnla Ní Bhraonáin Morris

Runtime: 14 minutes

Bláthnaid keeps on going on stupid dates with stupid men, and Ailbhe's always the one left to pick up the pieces. When an old flame appears again, they each have to make a choice that could change everything.


Country of Origin: Ireland

Director: Luke K. Murphy

Runtime: 11 minutes

As their Debs application deadline approaches, a closeted couple must sort their domestic issues as Gaeilge to prevent their classmates from knowing they’re an item. However, translation issues leave their relationship in jeopardy.

Alima & Omar

Country of Origin: France

Director: Sofian Prinz

Runtime: 10 minutes

ALIMA&OMAR explores the silence experienced by marginalized individuals. Through the lens of gender as a catalyst for hatred, the film depicts the struggles of a couple on the verge of a crisis, with a woman in love with a man who doesn't want to be one. Alima discovers, on the stage of a small cabaret, the sensual expression of Omar's hidden fantasies.

After the film screenings on Thursday, we will have a bilingual panel discussion with film makers from the 3 Irish language films that are nominated for awards.

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